Tuesday, December 14, 2010

James Gang: "Thirds"

Released in 1971, this was the third (3rd) studio album by this talented trio,
destined to be the last of their LPs led by Joe Walsh.
This album brought them their biggest hit with "Walk Away."

A little more about the album and the band HERE.

Front Cover design by Tom Wilkes and Barry Feinstein
Back Cover design by Patrick Cullie and Tom Wright
Photography by Phil Melnick and Tom Wright

One side of the inner sleeve is the most entertaining list of "acknowledgements" you'll ever read.
It is an amazing gallery of references to pop culture, favorite foods, and fellow rock stars.
Even Regis Philbin made the list.
Bet you don't know what he was doing in 1971 that would lead James Gang to mention him.

This album went to a fan in Texas.

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