Monday, January 18, 2010

'Old and in the Way'

This delightful live album was recorded at The Boarding House in San Francisco, CA, in October 1973. The LP was released in February 1975. It is a great bluegrass experience, featuring the talents of Jerry Garcia (yes, THAT Jerry Garcia; i.e., of The Grateful Dead), Peter Rowan, Vassar Clemens, David Grisman, and John Kahn. The music is great fun, and Greg Irons' artwork on the album is priceless. In 1996, the Acoustic Archive Series released the rest of that live set on an album titled "That High Lonesome Sound."

The buyer of this album did fine by me. I should say he paid well because from my perspective these days I consider myself blessed if an album sells for more than fifty cents. Since this buyer spent more than nine dollars plus S&H (it traveled all the way from CA to OH), I count that as a bonus. On the other hand, who wouldn't want this LP in their collection?

Maybe I should buy it back...