Friday, September 24, 2010

Terry Snyder and the All Stars: "Persuasive Percussion"

Released in 1959, this LP featured several hallmarks in the recording industry.
First of all, the music itself is grand.
This LP was the first to use a gatefold cover.
It is an early example of true stereo recording technique.
The artwork is by Josef Albers.

This LP now resides in Washington state.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Queen: "A Day at the Races"

Apologies, but the pics of the front, back, and gatefold on this one are horrible quality.

If you didn't know it already, this is a great, relatively early Queen LP.
Released in December 1976.
Songs you might recognize:
"Tie Your Mother Down"
"Somebody to Love"

This LP went to California fan.

Grand Funk: "Caught in the Act"

This is Grand Funk's second live album, released in August 1975.
It is a double LP, and it should be in everyone's music collection.
This music gets frequent rotation on my iPod.
Sent this one to a collector in Spain.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Carlos Santana: "Blues for Salvador"

Released in 1989 as a solo album, this LP won Carlos Santana his first Grammy award,
for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.
Let's face it.
When Carlos Santana is playing the guitar, you know you are in for an incomparable sonic ride. 
This LP does not disappoint.

This image (above) is on the inner sleeve. 
I regret that I did not take time to note the artist while I still had it in my possession.

Since those days I have learned to remove the clear plastic before I take the pictures.
This LP is now residing happily (I hope!) in Nebraska.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Young Rascals: "Time Peace: The Rascals' Greatest Hits"

Released in 1968, this is absolutely one of THE GREATEST rock artist Greatest Hits albums OF ALL TIME.  Go find the downloads and prove me wrong.  I'm telling you.  You will completely love every single track. No question. You should go find this music RIGHT NOW!

Word has it that Dino Danelli (The Rascals' drummer) had something to do with the design and artwork of this LP.
Cool stuff.

Here's some bonuses.
Both sides of the inner sleeves, featuring over 100 more album covers from those days.

This fantastic LP (thank goodness I digitized the music!) traveled safely to a fan in Japan!

Bloodrock: "3"

Released in 1971, this is the 3rd (really?) album of Bloodrock, who were best known for the moderately successful single "DOA" from their second album.

This LP went to hang out with a collector in Kansas.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Eric Clapton: "At His Best"

This double LP got a lot of love and attention.
Not quite sure what to say.
I mean, it's Eric Clapton, for goodness' sakes.
This LP was released in late 1969.

This album went to a fan in Oklahoma.

Led Zeppelin: "Led Zeppelin II"

Another LP that was a seminal influence on the development of my music appreciation.
Another band for whom I never stopped being a fan.
This album and its immediate predecessor remain my two favorite Led Zeppelin LPs.
I honestly cannot imagine anyone ever listening to this music being able to shrug and walk away. 
It is just that extraordinary.
No apologies for my unabashed adoration.

Album Design: David Juniper

This LP found its way to a collector in Minnesota.

Aerosmith: "Toys in the Attic"

Released in 1975, this LP includes among others the timeless hits "Walk This Way" and "Sweet Emotion."
Album Design: Pacific Eye & Ear.
Illustration: Ingrid Haenke.
Photography: Bob Belott

This LP found a sweet home in Alabama.
(sorry. couldn't resist)

Elvis Presley: "Potluck"

This was Elvis' fifteenth LP, released in June 1962.
Released in the midst of his burgeoning film career, this LP did not receive as much attention at first at it might have otherwise.

In spite of the not-so-great condition of the jacket, this LP ended up with a fan in Texas.

Chicago: "Chicago Transit Authority" (First LP)

There is no way to express how influential this album was on the music appreciation developing in my young ears, head, and heart.  I cherish the amazing energy, sonic clarity, and musical brilliance of this LP to this day.  I could listen to it - all of both of its disks - repeatedly.
I am still an avid Chicago fan.

One of my copies of this LP went to a fan in New York.

Queen: "Flash Gordon" (Soundtrack)

The movie was pure cheddar.
The music was not what you'd call top-notch Queen.
But it does have its moments.
And it is, after all, Queen.


Did I mention this was cheese?

The LP went to a dedicated fan somewhere in California.