Saturday, January 29, 2011

Marty Robbins: "Marty's Greatest Hits"

This was Marty Robbins' first (1st) compilation LP,
released in 1959.

Marty was indisputably an icon of
the country and pop charts in the 1950s and '60s.

Read more about the life and career of Marty Robbins HERE.

Couldn't find any references to art/design/photography credits for this LP,
but back then it was uncommon to find those credits listed.

The Ventures: "JOY: The Ventures Play The Classics"

This was The Ventures' fortieth (40th) studio LP,
released in 1972.

If you are a Ventures fan,
there is pretty much no such thing as
too much of them.
Their special sauce adds a delicious flavor
to any style of music,
and this recording is no exception
to their exceptional talent.

Read more about life and times of The Ventures HERE.

Couldn't recover/discover the art/design credits, which is really too bad in this case because the illustrations are so great.

Kenny Rogers: "Love Will Turn You Around"

Released in 1982,
this was Rogers' tenth (10th) studio LP.

Read more about Kenny Rogers' life and career HERE.

Couldn't recover the art/design/photography credits.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Barbra Streisand: "The Broadway Album"

I truly wish I had removed the cellophane before I took the pic,
but... oh, well!

Released in 1985,
this was Barbra's forty-third (43rd) LP
(depending on how one counts)

Great article about this LP HERE.

Photography: Richard Corman
Art Direction: Lane/Donald

Barbra Streisand: "Superman"

Released in 1977,
this was Barbra's thirty-fourth (34th) studio LP
(depending on how one counts)

Great details about the production of this album HERE.

Photography: Steve Schapiro
Art Direction: Seiniger and Associates

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Barbra Streisand: "The Barbra Streisand Album"

Calm down.
I believe I confessed
that I am an unabashed fan
of Barbra's musical talents.
If you harbor doubts
about this star's achievements
spend a few minutes gaping at this article.

This LP was Barbra's first studio release, 1963.

It was truly very clear to see
from this first outing
that she had a big future in store.

Album Cover Design: John Berg
Cover Photo: Hank Parker
Liner Notes: Harold Arlen

Art Garfunkel: "Breakaway"

Released in 1975,
this is Art Garfunkel's second solo album.

In terms of the number of tracks from this LP
that charted, this is his most successful solo recording.

This LP includes
"I Only Have Eyes for You"
"Break Away"
and his 'reunion' duet with Paul Simon
"My Little Town"

The list of artists who contributed to this album

See that credit list HERE.

Couldn't find art/design/photography credits.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Genesis: "Wind & Wuthering"

Genesis' eighth (8th) studio album,
this LP was released in 1976.

Great music, as always, of course.

I've not yet taken the time to rank
my "favorite" album covers
but I dare say this one would rank pretty high on the list.

Design by Hipgnosis
Paintings by Colin Elgie

Article about this LP HERE.

Special "shout out" to Chris Holmes at
for supplying the "lost" info I needed
regarding Art and Design for this LP.

Focus: "Moving Waves"

(Borrowed this pic from Wikipedia cuz I couldn't find mine. It happens.)

Focus is a Dutch Progressive ("prog") Rock band,
most known for their song
"Hocus Pocus"
which appears on this LP.

Released in 1971,
the album was Focus' second
and was also known as "Focus II."

Read more about Focus HERE.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Genesis: "...And Then There Were Three..."

When I first "discovered" Genesis,
they had already been around for many years.
But I instantly loved their music,
and I went about gathering earlier
recordings; i.e., earlier than 1980, which was when
a friend introduced me to them.

This LP was released in 1978,
after Steve Hackett had left the band.
Peter Gabriel had left in 1975.
The three left after Hackett's departure
were Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford.
Hence the name of this LP.

Article about Genesis HERE.

Article about this LP specifically HERE.

Album art by Hipgnosis.

Hamburg Radio Dance Orchestra: "The Very Best of Gershwin"

Formally known as
(North German Radio Symphony Orchestra),
this world-renowned "big band"
has an interesting history.
(see story at link above)

And, of course,
the music of George Gershwin
is universally loved and recorded.

Did not find any art/design credits.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chuck Girard: "Take It Easy"

Founding member of Love Song.
this is Chuck Girard's fourth solo LP,
released in 1978.

More about Chuck Girard HERE.

Art/Design/Photography credits unknown.

GLAD: "Captured in Time"

GLAD's third studio LP,
released in 1982.

Unable to discern or discover
Art/Design/Photography credits
at this time.

GLAD: "Beyond a Star"

GLAD's second studio LP,
released in 1980.

Art/Design/Photography credits unknown.
I mean, I'm sure they are available somewhere,
but I couldn't find 'em.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Amy Grant: "Unguarded"

Amy Grant started out very young as a gospel singer.
She later enjoyed some mainstream commercial success, too.

This LP was released in 1985,
this was Amy Grant's ninth (9th) LP.

Very popular in the 1980s!

Read more about Amy Grant HERE.

Design: Kent Hunter
Photography: Mark Tucker
Stylist: Julie Miller

GLAD: "No Less Than All"

This was GLAD's fourth (4th) studio LP,
and it was released in 1983.

I was drawn very quickly to the extraordinary vocal arrangements of this group.
In particular, a track called "The Reason"
which is on their second LP ("Beyond a Star")
was recorded acapella.
This highlighted the vocal talent with goosebump-inducing tight harmonies.

GLAD later released several acapella projects.
Read more about them HERE.

Art Direction: George King
Cover Illustration: Illustrated Alaskan Moose

Sandi Patti: "Love Overflowing"

Released in 1981,
this is one of Sandi Patti's earliest LPs.

Sandi Patti enjoyed a very successful gospel singing career.
Read more about her HERE.

Art/Design/Photography credits unknown.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Exile: "Greatest Hits"

Released in 1986.

Includes the mega-hit "Kiss You All Over."

Read more about Exile HERE.

Photography: Norman Seeff
Design: Jeff Morris
Lettering: Tania Owens

Journey: "Captured"

If I had an actual list,
(other than this blog)
Journey's albums would consistently rank very high on my list of amazing album art.

This LP was released in 1981.
It is a double LP,
and it contains tracks from three (3) different live events:
Montreal, Tokyo, and Detroit.

This album was owned by me when I took these pictures
but it is no longer in my possession.
I did not record the Art/Design/Photography credits.
I searched the web for this information but could not find it.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sheena Easton: "A Private Heaven"

This LP was released in 1984.
Again, the artwork, wardrobe and hairstyle are very clearly mid-1980s.

Some very dance-able music on this recording.

Design/Art/Photography credits are in the lower right corner
of the pic of the back of the LP cover,
but I cannot make them out.
Web research yielded no references.

Anne Murray: "A Little Good News"

Released in 1983
(the album art is a dead giveaway!)
this was Anne Murray's 20th studio LP.

I have a bit of a weakness for female vocalists,
a fact that will probably become increasingly clear in this museum.

Design/Art/Photography credits unknown;
i.e., I did not record them and could not discover them
in the pictures or by research on the web.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Poco: "The Songs of Richie Furay"

Released in 1980, this LP is simply a compilation of Poco tracks that were penned by band member Richie Furay.

Illustration by Jim McMullen
Design by Paula Selvie

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra: "Peter I. Tchaikovsky"

1966 recording.
It's Tchaikovsky.
It's the 1812 Overture.
It's Constantin Silvestri.
If you know these names and titles, 'nough said.
If not, well...
What can I say?

Mantovani: "Mr. Music"

I seem to be on a bit of an "easy listening" kick at this point in my list, eh?

Mantovani (Annunzio Paolo Mantovani)
was the quintessential master of cascading strings and "light orchestra."

This LP was released in 1966.

Read more about him and his music HERE.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Frank DeVol: "The Old Sweet Songs"

Released in 1960,
this is a "mood music" compilation of orchestrated
tunes from the early 20th century.

Some details about Frank DeVol's varied career HERE.

Eddie Weaver: "Masters of the Console, No. 1"

Probably recorded in the late 1950s.
As you may know, record producers did not generally date their recordings until well into the 1960s, and even then you might not find a date on an album cover.

Anyway, from a musical and historical standpoint,
this is a valuable recording.
Pipe organ is not everyone's cup of tea,
but playing one is most assuredly a rare art form.

Evie: "Unfailing Love"

Released in 1981,
this was Evie's 8th
English-language LP.