Sunday, December 26, 2010

Frank Sinatra: "In the Wee Small Hours"

With a career and catalog like Frank Sinatra's, it is pretty near impossible to settle on any one recording as "the best."  I'd have to say this recording, released in 1955, would certainly find its way to the top few of most reviewers and fans lists.

Not sure what I can say about Frankie - "Ol' Blue Eyes" - "The Chairman of the Board" - "King of the Crooners" - "The Voice" - Chief of "The Rat Pack." 
Some say the best thing ever to come out of Hoboken. 
If you do not already know and love (or at least appreciate) his talents, you've got a lot of reading, listening, and watching to do.  And trust me, you will enjoy every second of all of it.

A bit more detail about this album HERE.

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