Friday, May 27, 2011

The Liberated Wailing Wall: "I Am Not Ashamed"

Released in 1974,
this is a great little collection of tunes
from an enthusiastic and talented crew.

You can read a little something about The Liberated Wailing Wall HERE.

Photos by Glenda Alford
Cover and Insert Design by Steffi Geiser

Perry Como: "And I Love You So"

Released in 1973,
this was something like the forty-seventh (47th) studio LP for Perry Como.

Read more about Perry Como HERE.

Dan Fogelberg: "Phoenix"

Released in 1979,
this was Dan Fogelberg's fifth (5th) solo studio LP.

Very talented singer/songwriter,
taken from this world at a relatively young age.

Read more about Dan Fogelberg HERE.

Tony Orlando & Dawn: "New Ragtime Follies"

Released in 1973,
this was Dawn's fourth (4th) studio LP.

Read more about Tony Orlando and Dawn HERE.

Wings: "Greatest"

Released in 1978,
this was Wings' eighth (8th) LP.

Read more about Wings HERE.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baja Marimba Band: "Watch Out!"

Released in 1966,
this was BMB's fourth (4th) studio LP.

The music was good
and it was FUN!

Read more about Baja Marimba Band HERE.

Album designed by Peter Whorf Graphics.

Soundtrack (Broadway): "South Pacific"

Released in 1957,
this is a delightful soundtrack
from a wonderful Broadway musical.

There is no one named "Martin Pinza."

This is Mary Martin and Ezio Pinza.

Read about the show HERE.

Ricky Nelson: "Songs By Ricky"

Released in 1959,
this was Ricky's fourth (4th) studio LP.

Notice for this photo
he got the "Elvis sneer"
just right;
but Ricky had his own voice
and plenty of his own screaming fans.

Ricky Nelson: "Ricky"

Released in 1957,
when Ricky was seventeen years old,
this was his debut solo album.

Read more of Ricky Nelson's story HERE.

The Kingsmen: "In Person"

Released in 1963,
this was The Kingsmen's first LP.

"Louie, Louie" was wildly popular,
and it was the biggest hit The Kingsmen ever enjoyed.

Read more of the colorful history of The Kingsmen HERE.

Emmylou Harris: "Cimarron"

Released in 1981,
this was Emmylou Harris' ninth (9th) studio LP.

Emmylou is truly one of THE GREATS!

Read more about her HERE.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Earl Hines: "57 Varieties"

Not quite sure when this French pressing was released,
but the original recordings are from 1928-32.

Earl "Fatha" Hines is considered by many to be THE key
transitional jazz pianist of the early 20th century.

Read more about Earl Hines HERE and HERE.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bread: "The Best of Bread"

Released in 1973,
this LP included the mega-hits
of Bread's first five albums.

Read about Bread HERE.

Rick Nelson: "Million Sellers"

Released in 1963,
this was Rick Nelson's eleventh LP (counting "best hits").

One of America's earliest "teen idols,"
Rick Nelson was a huge star of TV, film, and radio.

Read more of his story HERE.

This LP came to me used
so it bears the folksy
art of some unsung love interests.

Bette Midler: "The Divine Miss M"

Released in 1972,
this was Bette Midler's first studio LP;
but she had already gained some attention on Broadway in the late 1960s,
and even more for her popularity at the Continental Bathhouse in New York City,
where her accompanist was Barry Manilow.

Read more of Bette Midler's story HERE.

Cover illustration, cover art direction and design: Richard Amsel
Backliner photo: Kenn Duncan

Friday, May 13, 2011

Muddy Waters: "Fathers and Sons"

Released in 1969.
This is a remarkable recording,
but then...
it is Muddy Waters -
what else could it be but remarkable.

Read more about Muddy Waters HERE.

I hate that the cover got damaged like this!!!!
-but it coulda been worse.

Cover illustration by Don Wilson.

Percy Sledge: "When a Man Loves a Woman"

Released in 1966,
the title song was Percy Sledge's best known hit.

Read more about Percy Sledge HERE.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Isaac Hayes: "SHAFT (Soundtrack)"

Released in 1971,
this LP won many well-deserved awards
including multiple Grammies and an Oscar.

Read about the LP HERE.

Read more about Isaac Hayes HERE.

Burl Ives: "Spotlight On..."

Released in 1962,
this LP was the Burl Ives edition
of Pickwick's Stereo Spectrum

Floyd Cramer: "Last Date"

Released in 1961,
this is Floyd Cramer's third (3rd) studio LP.

I confess, the title song "Last Date"
is the Floyd Cramer recording that first caught my attention.

Inimitable, enjoyable style.

Read about Floyd Cramer HERE.

Percy Faith: "Jealousy"

Released in 1960,
this appears to be
Percy Faith's
thirty-first (31st)
studio LP.

Often credited with "inventing" the "easy listening" sound.

Read about Percy Faith HERE.