Thursday, December 23, 2010

Daryl Hall & John Oates: "Big Bam Boom"

'80s pop.
I guess ya love it or ya don't, maybe.
For me, Hall & Oates brought great funky rhythms and smart, catchy lyrics.
I still enjoy listening to most of the tracks on this particular LP.
Come on.
"Method of Modern Love"
"All American Girl"
"Possession Obsession"
"Out of Touch"
"Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"
"Going Through the Motions"
"Bank On Your Love"

Released in 1984.

Check 'em out!

And ya gotta love the full-on '80s album art.
Unfortunately, I cannot make out the credits for this artwork in these photographs,
and further research online did not bring any results.

This was Daryl Hall & John Oates' twelfth studio LP.
The three preceding albums ("Voices," "Private Eyes," "H2O") were very strong commercial successes.
So was "Big Bam Boom" but some consider this album to be the turning point in their career,
as in the beginning of a downward trend.
Maybe I am easy to please, but I liked this album then, and I still do.

This LP went to a collector in California.

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