Friday, August 30, 2013

Juice Newton: "Dirty Looks"

Released in 1983,
this was Juice Newton's fifth (5th) solo LP.

Gotta love the pure '80s design of the album art!

Read more about the life and times of Juice Newton HERE.

Photography: Aaron Rapoport
Art Direction & Design: Kosh, Ron Larson

Bee Gees: "Spirits Having Flown"

Released in 1979,
this was the Bee Gees fifteenth (15th) studio LP,
their first after the mega-sensation
of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.

Just admit it.
You danced to their music
more than once,
and not just all alone
in your bedroom, either.

Read more about the Bee Gees HERE.

Art Direction, Photography, Design: Ed Caraeff Studio

Bee Gees were accompanied on this album by some
Chicago horns: Lee Loughnane, Walter Parazaider, and James Pankow;
also Herbie Mann appears on this recording.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

John Cafferty and the Beaver Brown Band: "Eddie and the Cruisers"

Released in 1983
with the release of the film,
this soundtrack enjoyed more popularity
than the movie itself.

Read more about the movie and its reception HERE.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Janis Ian: "Between the Lines"

Released in 1975,
this was Janis Ian's seventh (7th) studio LP.

Probably best known for her hit song, "At Seventeen,"
Janis Ian has a lovely folk style that is captivating.

Read more about Janis Ian HERE.

Photography: Peter Cunningham

Carole King: "Writer"

Released in 1970,
this was Carole King's debut LP.

Read more about Carole King and her brilliant career HERE.

Cover Photograph: Guy Webster
Liner Photographs: Tom Neuwirth
Layout and Design: Rod Dyer / Paul Bruhwhiler

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Barbra Streisand: "My Name Is Barbra, Two..."

Released in 1965,
this was Barbra Streisand's sixth (6th) LP.

I've written various tidbits about Barbra in previous posts,
which you can easily find by looking at the "label list."

But I encourage you to find out more about Barbra Streisand's extraordinary career

Lori Lieberman: "A Piece of Time"

Released in 1974,
this was Lori Leberman's third (3rd) LP.

Read more about Lori Lieberman's life and times HERE.

Illustration: William Alan Shirley

Tom Jones: "Fever Zone"

Released in 1968,
this was Tom Jones' tenth (10th) LP.
(or 8th or 9th, depending on how one counts,
since "Green, Green Grass of Home" was
released on Decca, then Parrot;
and "13 Smash Hits" was a compilation,
which many discographers do not count, per se)

Read more about Tom Jones' life and career HERE.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Soundtrack: "Exodus"

Released in 1961,
on the heels of the epic film,
this soundtrack won Grammys
for Song of the Year and Best Soundtrack Album.

For a decent summary of the film's plot, go HERE.

Jim Stafford: "Jim Stafford"

Released in 1974,
this was Jim Stafford's debut solo LP.

Known for such hits as "Swamp Witch,"
"Spiders & Snakes," "My Girl Bill," and "Wildwood Weed,"
in the mid-1970s, he has been a popular
stage presence in Branson, Missouri,
since 1990.

Read more about Jim Stafford HERE.

Design: David Larkham
Photography: Ed Caraeff