Thursday, April 18, 2013

DUNE Soundtrack

Released in 1984.

Features Brian Eno and Toto.

Hear the Main Title Theme HERE.

Ray Charles: "The Genius of Ray Charles"

Released in 1959,
this LP was in some ways Ray Charles
"breakout" recording
because it highlighted his soulful
vocal style.

Rolling Stone magazine has placed this album
at #263 on its list of The Top 500 Albums of All Time.

Listen to Ray's version of "Come Rain Or Come Shine"
from this recording.

Read more about Ray Charles HERE.

Liner Notes: Nat Hentoff

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wings: "Over America"

Released in 1976,
this was a very successful recording for Wings.

It is a great collection of tracks,
as live recordings go;
but honestly,
I am so
stunned by the
album art,
the music is almost


Read more about the recording HERE.

Sleeve Design: Hipgnosis
Outer Painting: Richard Manning
Inner: Jeff Cummins
Lettering: Geoff Halpen
Graphics: Richard Evans
Poster Photos: Bob Ellis

Justo Almario: "Forever Friends"

Released in 1985,
this is one of many fabulous recordings
from a woodwind artist
whom I would rank easily in the top five
woodwind soloists

If you have not heard Justo play,
you MUST go find his music immediately.
Your life will be re-arranged.

Read more about Justo Almario HERE.

Cover Design: Buddy Jackson
Photography: Mark Tucker

Friday, April 12, 2013

Linda Ronstadt: "Heart Like a Wheel"

Released in 1974,
this is Linda Ronstadt's fifth (5th) solo LP.

This is a fabulous album,
including some of Linda's beautiful covers of great songs
like "Faithless Love," "You're No Good," "When Will I Be Loved,"
"It Doesn't Matter Anymore," and "I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You),"
among others.

Read more about Linda Ronstadt HERE.

Cover Design: Rod Dyer
Photo: Len Correa
Innersleeve Photo: Eve Babitz

The Imperials: "...featuring Terry and Sherman"

Released in 1979,
this is a compilation album
put together after
Terry Blackwood and Sherman Andrus
had left the group.

The Imperials have been around for nearly fifty (50) years.
In the '60s and '70s they were known for recording with Elvis Presley.

Read more about The Imperials HERE.

Cover Design: LeAnn J. Matthews
Photography: Dill Beatty

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Michael Jackson: "Thriller"

Released in 1982,
this was Michael Jackson's sixth (6th) studio LP.

This is one of the most successful albums of all time,
most awarded, most discussed, most listened to.

The ground-breaking video for the title song
came early in the history of full-production "music videos,"
and it remains among the most stunningly brilliant videos ever produced.

Read more about the LP HERE.

Read more about Michael Jackson HERE.

James Gang: "Bang"

Released in 1973,
this was James Gang's sixth (6th) studio LP.

James Gang was one of the most notorious bands
for personnel changes.
Usually no more than three or four at a time,
during their first ten years they had nearly
twenty different band members.
After their first ten years (1966-76)
they broke up
until 1996 when Joe Walsh, Dale Peters, and Jimmy Fox
reunited to resurrect the fabulous sounds of the
James Gang.

Read more about James Gang HERE.

Cover Design: David Larkham
Photography: Ed Caraeff