Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Producers: eponymous

Released in 1981,
this was The Producers' eponymous debut LP.

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Maranatha Music: "PRISMS: Portraits in Synthesis"

Released in 1986,
this is one of several LPs
in Maranatha! Music's
Colours series.

This LP features Jeffrey Lams and John Andrew Schneider
performing some beautifully arranged instrumental tracks.

Read more about Maranatha! Music HERE.

Phil Collins: "Hello, I Must Be Going!"

Released in 1982,
this was Phil Collins' second (2nd) solo studio LP.

Main cover photo: Trevor Key
Inside Pics: Margaret Maxwell, Hugh Padgham, and Jill Tavelman

The title of this LP is the title of a song
from the Marx Brothers film "Animal Crackers."