Sunday, June 24, 2012

Homegrown: Volume One

Released in 1973,
this LP was the first in
what became a series of LPs
that included seven (7) compilations
of original songs by local artists
about San Diego;
plus one "greatest hits"
and an extra release in 1984
of previously unreleased tracks.

For more about the "Homegrown" series, go HERE.

Guy Lombardo: "Berlin By Lombardo"

Released in 1959,
this LP is an easy-listening collection
of Guy Lombardo's interpretations
of a handful of Irving Berlin's timeless tunes.

Couldn't resist
including pics of the inner sleeve!

"Three of a Kind" - Top Stars of Piano Music

Released in 1964,
this LP was part of a promotional series
for the DESIGN label.

In this case the album featured
three popular pianists:
Andre Previn,
Teddy Wilson, and
Barclay Allan.

Buddy Cole: "Cole Plays Cole"

Released in 1958,
this LP is a wonderful collection
featuring the fabulous piano talent
of Buddy Cole
playing tunes written by
Cole Porter.

The Mulcays: "A Kiss in the Dark"

Somehow I was able to discover that
this LP was released in 1961,
but I was unable to find out much more.

Bette Midler: "Thighs and Whispers"

Released in 1979,
this was Bette Midler's fifth (5th) studio LP.

Art Direction: Sandi Young
Photography: William Coupon