Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cowboy Jazz: "That's What We Like About The West"

One of my most delightful accidental music discoveries!
This album was released in 1981.
It was the band's first LP, followed in 1982 by "Swing Boogie."
The group has a very distinctive, contagious sound and style.

Of note: Deanna Bogart started with this band.  She is now a successful solo artist.
Barry Sless also remains in demand as a skillful pedal steel guitarist.

This album went to a fan in Oregon.


  1. how much is this worth today?

    i have one autographed by three of the bandmembers

  2. No idea what this might be "worth" today. Can't remember how much I got for my copy; but I'm glad I kept the music itself because it is a great recording.

    I reckon like anything 'collectible' an item is really only 'worth' whatever you can manage to get for it from whomever is paying attention at a given moment.