Thursday, December 23, 2010

Compilation: "The Greatest Hits Album"

I know what you are thinking.
"Man. He has totally broken out the Cheese Wiz now."
(btw, you should know that Cheese Wiz spelled "correctly" (?) is a Registered Trademark
so you should be careful how you bandy that term about)

Let me cut to the chase here.
Compilations can be our friends.
Sometimes it may be the only way we are going to get ahold of certain tracks.
Was I going to buy "M"s album just so I could hear "Pop Muzik" over and over again?
I think not.
(Sorry, M.)
Or how 'bout "The Theme from Hill Street Blues"?
Take a closer look at the track list below.
I know it is a bit fuzzy when ya zoom in, but you can see what the songs and artists are.

For some of you I am sure that looking at the song list only proved your point regarding certain processed cheesesque food products.

Nevertheless, I bet you secretly listened to some of these tunes.

And a collector in Texas found this 3-LP album worthy of taking off my hands for a negotiated price I do not deign to reveal.

So there.

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