Friday, October 29, 2010

Chicago: "Chicago (Chicago II)"

This LP was released in January 1970 after the band had officially changed its name from "The Chicago Transit Authority" to simply "Chicago."
Technically, this album is titled just "Chicago" but it has come to be known retroactively as "Chicago II" although the band did not adopt the Roman Numeral LP naming convention it came to use until the release of "Chicago III."
The naming convention gets a little confusing with compilation, live, and "greatest hits" albums in the mix.  Also they randomly chose to give a few albums "normal" names; e.g., "Hot Streets" (LP #12) and "Night & Day Big Band" (#22).  In the '80s they strayed mostly from the Roman Numerals to regular arabic numbers for albums 13 - 19 (except for XIV), and #21 was named "Twenty 1."

At any rate, this second album was an immediate hit including such memorable tunes as "25 or 6 to 4" "Colour My World" and "Make Me Smile." 

The inner sleeve offers an interesting peek at the era.

And the LP included this photo poster for adorning teen bedroom walls (mine stayed in the jacket).

This LP was sent to a collector in Maryland.

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