Friday, November 28, 2014

Steppenwolf: "Steppenwolf"

Released in 1968,
this was Steppenwolf's
highly successful debut LP.

Includes their mega-hit, "Born to Be Wild,"
plus "Sookie, Sookie" and "The Pusher."

"Berry Rides Again" is also a great track!

If you are not already a fan,
I'm not sure there is much I can say
to convince you of this group's
iconic role in the late '60s
progression of rock music.

If you ARE already a fan,
there's not much I could say
that would change your mind
or add to your knowledge,

How 'bout this:
a) the silver cover made it difficult for an
amateur photographer like myself to get a clean shot of the cover;
b) this album came to me second-hand (garage sale, I think),
so the disturbing, unfortunate red enhancements are not mine.

Read more about Steppenwolf HERE.

Art Direction, Cover and Liner Design: Gary Burden
Photography: Tom Gundelfinger

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