Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Michael Omartian: "White Horse"

Released in 1974,
this was Michael Omartian's first solo LP.
By that time,
he had already begun to build an amazing
career as a session artist,
and this album marks the beginning of 
what became a super-stellar career
as a producer.

this album changed my life.
Everything about it was mind-blowing
(at least to me, at the time).

From this point forward,
I would always be on the lookout
for Michael Omartian's name
in any album credits.
My favorite
was when I found his name among
the dozens of names listed
on the credits for the soundtrack,
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull";
but I have found his name
on many, many, many album credits.

Read more about Michael Omartian HERE.

My favorite track from this LP:

Album Cover Concept: James Fitzgerald
Album Cover Art: Dave Jarvis
Photography: Harry Langdon

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