Friday, January 7, 2011

Yes: "Fragile"

Yes' fourth studio LP.
Released in 1971.
I kinda wore this one out.

Cover art by Roger Dean.

Yes was, is, and always will be on my short list of favorite bands.

As I may have mentioned before,
my short list of favorite bands
has something
in the neighborhood of
...oh, I dunno...
names on it.

But still.

I'm just sayin'.

Inner sleeve gives an extra peek at more album art.


  1. Just say 'Yes'! I once worked for WEA records in Sydney, Australia (is there another one?), and actually destroyed records returned as damaged by stores! This prevented WEA staff from then 'returning' them to the stores for an exchange. Happily, album covers were spared - the YES cover was one of many I collected at the time - I ALMOST got to value the cover more than the vinyl! But sadly, my collection got lost along the way - a downside of being a nomad!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Great story! One of the reasons for this blog is that I value the album covers nearly as much as I value the music on the records. Left unchecked I would no doubt have framed LP covers all over the walls throughout my house.