Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Jackie Gleason: "Opiate d'Amour"

As long as I am confessing...
I grew up watching Jackie Gleason's comedic genius on the boob tube,
while I was listening to rock-n-roll on AM radio.
Not long ago, I stumbled on several of Jackie Gleason's musical recordings.
I was pleasantly surprised by his chops as a music director.
His many orchestral recordings are in the genre of "mood music" aka "easy listening,"
but he has a lusciously different take on how to coax an orchestra into producing beautiful music.
This is not schmaltz.
Trust me.
I know schmaltz.
This is imminently good to listen to.

This LP was released in 1960.
HERE is a review of Jackie Gleason's musical adventures.

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