Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fifth Anniversary!

It is in the very nature of the strangeness of this past year (2014) that I 'accidentally' stumbled upon the fact that today is the fifth anniversary of the launching of FastEddie's Wax Museum.  I was idly noticing how few posts I managed to post in 2014 when I saw an entry titled 'Fourth Anniversary!'

On a personal level, much has happened in 2014 that I can truthfully say I am glad to have in my past.  Multiple health issues, for example.  I burned up more 'sick leave' on behalf of myself, my son, and my wife than I have probably used in the previous ten years combined.  The result of those events was that I went for months without giving any attention to this blog.

Hooray for blogging! Blogs are patient creatures. They wait. They don't go anywhere. I mean, it's not like I have thousands of 'followers.' That is not even an ambition of mine, truly.  I actually have something like seven or eight different blogs.  I have not literally counted them.

I know my first blog - PostPonderance - has not seen the ministrations of my mind and fingers for nearly five years. Nevertheless, it is still there waiting for me, and I can make a new post there anytime I like.  Ironically, the posts I have made there were mostly efforts to convince myself to write more blog posts.

Well, in any case, 'Happy Anniversary!' to me!  I sincerely hope that 2015 will be a more positively productive year, and that FastEddie's Wax Museum will see plenty of action.

Cheers! and Shalom to one and all.

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