Sunday, September 1, 2013

Henry Mancini: "The Music From Peter Gunn"

Released in 1959,
the theme for the television show "Peter Gunn"
was one of Henry Mancini's most popular tunes.

This version of the album art apparently is not the most widely distributed
version of this LP.  I have not been able to find any explanation for the two very different
versions of the cover art, but it seems likely that one is a re-issue of the album.
I'd put my money on this one being the original and the other one being the re-issue,
which would have come after the show and the theme song became
extremely popular.
HERE is a look at both covers.

Artwork by Jason Kirby

Read more about Henry Mancini's life and times HERE.

I find the graphic design of the inner sleeves
to be interesting, too!

Some more than others, of course.

And actually, since this inner sleeve advertises
"Carlton Records"
it is clearly not the original inner sleeve
for this RCA Victor LP.

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