Monday, March 4, 2013

Henry Mancini: "Mancini Concert"

Released in 1971,
this Mancini LP
reveals how much Mancini often tried
to stay in tune with popular musical expressions.

Here, besides a medley tribute to Simon & Garfunkel,
he also includes the overture from The Who's rock opera "Tommy"
and a medley of tunes from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's
"Jesus Christ Superstar."

Simon & Garfunkel had just broken up in 1970
after the release of their last album together:
"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

was released less than two years previously
and had not yet made its way
to stage or film.

"Jesus Christ Superstar"
had been released
as a concept album
less than a year previously
and was months
away from its opening
on Broadway.

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