Friday, February 18, 2011

Henry Mancini: "The Latin Sound of..."

Released in 1965.
Henry Mancini persistently is relegated to "Easy Listening"
"Mood Music" and other brands of "Elevator Music."
And I admit that
compared to ROCK music
and all of its legitimate descendants
Mr. Mancini is much more closely related to those softer genre.
But I believe there should be at least ONE solid, accepted category
somewhere between "easy listening" and "jazz"
that could describe Henry Mancini 
and a few others
so they wouldn't be so blithely
lumped in with the Muzak crowd.

Know what I mean? 

I mean
these days
Rock, Pop, and Soul
have so many subgenre
it is durn near totally
to keep up with 'em all.
Even Jazz
has multiple subgenre.

I'll have to give this some serious thought.

No, really.

I will.

Please stand by.

Epiphany to follow.

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