Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dave Grusin: "Discovered Again!"

This fantastic 1976 recording from one of the most respected musicians in the business is delicious and memorable on several levels.
First, it is just great music plain and simple.  Not that the music itself is plain or simple, but the music is enjoyable (to say the least) without taking any other factors into consideration.
Second, the artists making the music are phenomena each in their own right.  If you look up each one of them separately - Lee Ritenour, Harvey Mason, Ron Carter, Larry Bunker, and of course Dave Grusin himself - you will find sterling careers and amazing connections with multiple recording artists.
Third, this recording was made "direct-to-disc" - meaning the engineers were mixing on the fly and the musicians did the recording in ONE take with no further post-session mixing.
Fourth, it was 1976.  There had been huge advances in recording technology in the previous decade, but that was thirty-four (34) years ago.  Compared to how recording is done now, the results they achieved in a single take are nothing short of transcendent, although the artists themselves did not feel that way about it at the time.

Read an excellent article and review HERE.

This LP ended up with a collector in Thailand.

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