Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Con Los Beatles

The dilapidated condition of this jacket suits the half-face black and white photo of The Fab Four almost to the point of seeming intentional; like it must have looked like this from Day One.

This particular cover is simply the cover that was used for the Argentine release of "With the Beatles" in 1964.  The tracks are the same, and are (naturally) in English.

A previous owner was obliged to hand-write "With The" on the cover, just in case someone might be struggling with the translation of "Con Los." I found that rather amusing even though such careless defacement theoretically depresses the "value" of the jacket. I'm not too worried about that. I managed to sell this LP to a fan in New York back in October 2007 for the startling sum of $1.79. Unbelievably, the LP was still in playable condition, too!

Hey. Sharing music and memorabilia can't always be about piling up cash. In fact, I dare say it should never be about that. My love of music and my fascination with the recorded medium of vinyl LPs, and especially the wondrous history and art of the jackets, keeps me from any expectation that my retirement will be financed by an endless parade of shrewd sales deals. I'd much rather have another doe-eyed fan pick it up and lovingly gaze at it and take care of it than lose it to some passionless mercenary clearinghouse.

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